Rules and Policies

Bayport Marina Association

Regulations Governing Use of the Marina:

1. Posted speed regulations must be observed.

2. All boats must have general liability insurance with a minimum general liability limit of $500,000 or a greater amount deemed necessary by Management and Board of Directors with Bayport Marina named as additional insured. This information must be on file in the Marina Office.

3. All boaters, members, renters, and guests shall conduct themselves with consideration for the rights and privileges of others. Members are responsible for the conduct and behavior of themselves, their family and their guests. All forms of illegal, hostile, harassing or offensive behavior is prohibited. Additionally, Bayport Marina abides by the Bayport, MN city noise ordinance stating that quite time is from 10 PM – 6 AM.

4. Pets, when off the boat, must be on a leash and under control. Boaters will be responsible for picking up pet droppings immediately. Pets are not permitted in the fenced swimming pool area or in Marina buildings.

5. For safety reasons, no swimming will be permitted in the harbor.

6. All outgoing boats in the harbor channel have the right-of-way.

7. All boats under tow have the right-of-way.

8. No paint removal guns or spray-painting equipment may be used at any time in the Marina, on land or water, without the approval of the Marina Manager. The use of any open flame equipment or devices will be strictly prohibited throughout the Marina
property. Only Association approved vendors are allowed to shrink-wrap boats and/or operate open flame equipment and devices.

9. All boat refueling must be performed at the Fuel Dock by Marina employees only.

10. All boat steps will be blue and metal, as manufactured by Benson Metals, Inc., or fiberglass and must meet BMA requirements.

11. All dock boxes will be of a fiberglass design, white in color and a maximum size of 31″ wide by 52″ long by 31″ high. A maximum of two dock boxes will be allowed per slip. All dock boxes must be on Hang-Me-Outs.

12. Hoses, lines, and power cords, when not in use, should be coiled neatly by the water hydrant or hung on racks or reels.

13. Bow pulpits or boat bows may not hang over the dock.

14. No part of any boat is allowed to extend more than 10% beyond actual length of the slip as per DNR regulations.

15. Auxiliary boats must be docked in compliance with the BMA Secondary Watercraft Policy and Plan.

16. Slip Owners who are subleasing must provide Sublessee with a copy of these Rules and Regulations.

17. No slip modifications other than those covered in the Rules and Regulations may be made without written approval of the Bayport Marina Manager.

18. Any individual and/or Vendors who provide repairs and services from outside the Marina, must comply with the Marina’s Outside Contractors’ Policies and Procedures and be approved by the Marina Manager.

19. Barbecuing will not be permitted on wharves or piers. Barbecuing will be allowed on land.

20. No head or holding tank liquids may be discharged in any fashion whatsoever within the confines of the Bayport Marina.

21. All boats must be “launch ready” seven days prior to Memorial Day weekend. Any boat not in a “launch ready” status will be relocated to D-Dock road at the owners’ expense.

22. For safety reasons, absolutely no fireworks are permitted on Bayport Marina property.

23. Parking is limited: only actively used vehicles carrying current registration and insurance are allowed on Bayport Marina property.

24. In order to keep our docks orderly and safe, all personal items must be stored on your boat, not on the fingers or head pier, when not in use. Only the following items are allowed to remain within the footprint of the Hang-Me-Outs: dock boxes, hose reels & hose, dock chairs/table and flower pots. Steps may remain in place on the dock finger.

25. BMA Swimming Pool policies are listed in a separate document titled “Pool Rules” and must be followed by all boaters and their guests.

The Bayport Marina Association Board of Directors reserves the right to add to or amend the Rules and Regulations of the Marina by posting them in the Marina Office and notifying by mail.

Revision as of June 2017

Bayport Marina Association Swimming Pool Rules: 

Pool Hours:  9:00 AM – Dusk

Use Pool at Your Own Risk – No Lifeguard on Duty

Pool Capacity is 64 Bathers


BMA Swimming Pool is for the exclusive use of BMA members/Condo Owners and their guests only. BMA members/Condo Owners are limited to six (6) guests unless advance written authorization is obtained from the BMA Office. 

Rules and policies Our pool is licensed and authorized to operate in Washington County by the Department of Public Health and Environment and is subject to all provisions and conditions by State and County Ordinances.

  • All members/Condo Owners must be present with their guests at all times
  • All children under 14 years must be accompanied by parent or guardian
  • Pool gate must be closed, locked and secure at all times
  • No glassware or “breakables” are allowed in pool area
  • No food or drink in the pool
  • No domestic animals (pets) are allowed in the pool or the pool area
  • No running or rough play is permitted in the pool area
  • No motorized pool toys
  • No diving allowed
  • Swimmers who are not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper
  • Please place trash in receptacles provided
  • No smoking in the pool area
  • During peak usage, please do not use large flotation devices
  • Use of pool shall be prohibited during severe weather conditions, i.e. electrical storms, tornadoes, etc.
  • Please report any malfunctioning equipment and repair issues to the Marina Office
  • In case of Emergency – emergency phones are located at the Fuel Dock and Clubhouse or call 911

Please respect the other patrons of the pool area – everyone’s cooperation is appreciated to ensure an enjoyable and safe summer for all.

BMA Management has the authority to implement and enforce rules that supplement those listed here.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Thank you!
The Management

Revision as of 3.3.16

Guidebook to BMA

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Please use this guidebook for finding information about Bayport Marina Association. This information is intended to be helpful and to outline items and procedures of the marina. If something is not clear or you have additional questions the marina office is always more than welcome to help answer them. Items are listed in alphabetical order.

View or download the Guidebook to BMA!

Please contact us with questions about the Bayport Marina rules and policies. The Bayport Marina Association Board of Directors reserves the right to add to or amend the Rules and Regulations of the Marina by posting them in the Marina Office and notifying by mail.