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We Are Proud to Sell ValvTect Marine Fuels:

At Bayport Marina we realize your boat is one of your largest and most important investments. We also know how important it is to have a safe and trouble free boating season.

As you may know, your boat’s marine engine is special and very expensive. It must work harder, and is under a much heavier load than an automobile or truck engine. Repairs, or replacement, of your marine engine is much more expensive and may be more frequent if high-quality fuels and lubricants are not used. Good performance, low maintenance costs, and long engine life are critical to your boating enjoyment.

This is why we provide ValvTect Marine Gasoline and ValvTect Premium Marine Diesel with BioGuard at our fuel dock. Unlike the automotive gasoline, or commercial grade of diesel fuel offered at gas stations and most other marinas, ValvTect Marine Fuels are specially formulated for your heavy-duty marine engine(s).

ValvTect Marine Gasoline contains ValvTect ”Octane” Performance Improver, a patented combustion modifier, detergent additive and fuel stabilizer. It is specially formulated to:

ValvTect Marine Gasoline

  • Improve Octane performance
  • Increase engine power and acceleration
  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 8%
  • Stabilize fuel to keep it fresh during periods of non-use
  • Extend engine life up to 70%

ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel with BioGuard micro-biocide is a high Cetane premium marine diesel formulated with Diesel Guard and BioGuard. It is specially formulated to:

  • Prevent growth of bacteria and algae & contaminated fuel systems
  • Stabilize the fuel to prevent sludge & plugged fuel filters
  • Disperse water to prevent corrosion & injector damage
  • Clean-up and prevent fuel injector deposits
  • Improve power and reduce fuel consumption
  • Greatly reduces smoke, odor and transom soot

We believe these special fuels will help you get peak performance, lower operating costs and longer engine life from your marine engine(s).

ValvTect Marine Diesel with BioGuard


Ethanol & Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel: The Good, The Bad & The Solutions

Although ethanol blended gasoline and ultra low sulfur diesel help reduce harmful exhaust emissions, they can cause serious problems and additional expense for boaters.

Ethanol Blended Gasoline: Problems that develop in marine use are caused by excess moisture and length between fill-ups that can cause fuel degradation and octane loss in less than a month.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline with Octane Performance Improver contain special additives to keep the fuel fresh for up to a year and prevent octane loss. An additional moisture dispersant helps prevent phase separation.

Caution: Aftermarket additives claiming to prevent phase separation can introduce glycol based chemicals that may exceed the engine manufacturer’s limits and cause severe engine problems. Some additives based on enzymes have been determined to be ineffective by refiners and marine engine manufactures. ValvTect Marine Gasoline required no additional fuel additives.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel: Premature wear of fuel pumps and injectors, sludge and bacteria are expected as this new diesel fuel becomes available. ValvTect Marine Diesel with BioGuard contains biocide, lubricity improver and fuel stabilizer to prevent problems caused by the reduced sulfur content. It required no additional fuel additives.

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ValvTect Marine Fuels
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